A review of the fabulous Bobadeg books

I absolutely love reading, my 6 year old son absolutely loves reading and despite my youngest being only 6 months, he always settles when I get a book out. So, when I discovered bodabeg personalised books I was delighted.
With the advice of Fiona from bodabeg I decided upon 3 books, ‘That’s Poo,’ ‘The Funny Fish’ and ”The Jiggly Juggly Journey.’ All 3 were personalised with a picture of my sons’ faces attached to the main character which, is where the fun began. We were able to follow their adventure through the pages wether it was a deep sea dive or a ride in a hot air balloon.The rhyming and repetition in the stories enabled them to read,( and in James’ case babble,) with ease and confidence.

It is really wonderful as a parent, to see your gorgeous child’s face on the pages of a book, and it is also an amazing keepsake. At the start of the book I was able to have the words ‘ to Isaac and James, hugs and kisses Mummy’ printed which, made it even more memorable.
My eldest son Isaac loves imaginative play and pretending to be the characters from the stories he reads.These books gave him the opportunity to enter into the character’s world on every page.This, I know, made him feel very special.

In addition to the interesting narrative, and lovely pictures, there are also some excellent tips for parents at the back of the books, to enable them to utilise the box as a learning tool. Some of the areas that are explored are, mathematical reasoning, pre-writing and verbal communication.

I would recommend these books to any parent looking for a personalised gift for their child or, a quirky bedtime read!


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