My son isn’t interested in sport….. And that is fine!

My utility room at home contains a washing machine that is constantly on, a tumble dryer that is slowly creating its very own expensive carbon footprint, and also a corner dedicated to my eldest son’s discarded outdoor play pursuits! This includes a football, a golf club, a tennis racket, a scooter, and if I had not been so disorganised last term they would all be nestled on top of a karate kit! These items block the back of the door, and with each forced entry into the utility room I am reminded that my son just isn’t interested in sport, or any form of competitive physical play.

Before school each morning we arrive early enough to let him run around the playground. He will habitually play on all the apparatus and takes great delight in showing me (every morning) a secret opening in the bushes that has become his house. This house has its very own burglar alarm (a tree branch that you press down before entry), a sofa (a tree stump) and even a balcony which is a low wall that backs onto the football courts down below. It is here that a familiar group of boys from his year group play football before the morning bell.
I’ve often asked my son if he would like to join in, but this is always answered with a definite no and he continues with his imaginative play. He just isn’t interested and never has been during his short 6 years of life.

Naturally, as parents we have tried to expose our son to as many external activities as possible to discover what his passions are outside of the school curriculum. We tried football both in and outside of school, but he was more interested in what was lurking in the grass than the ball rolling on top of it. We tried golf, which I will add he was excellent at, but he had such hysterical fits before each lesson that I actually thought his lungs might burst. We have travelled to parks, helmet and plasters at the ready with his scooter, but he would much rather use the ramps as a launch pad for his superhero moves and best flying impressions. The only activity that we have firmly committed to is swimming, because whilst it is a sport and can most certainly be competitive it is also an essential life skill. However swimming is where it starts and stops with my son’s sporting interests.

As to be expected his lack of enthusiasm for sport has changed who he interacts with at school.He has always had a wide selection of friends, some that have been established from as young as 3 when he first started in pre-school. These friendships are naturally changing as each child explores their interests at playtime.
Sometimes on the way home from school we discuss who he has played with that day, and if I ask my son why he hasn’t played with a particular child for a while, it is always met with the stock answer, “They play football at break time.” Whilst it is sad that he doesn’t play with some of his old friends, I am pleased that he knows his own mind and is happy with the games and people he does play with.

As a mummy I will encourage my son to explore all of his interests, and I won’t ever deter him from doing something just because it doesn’t fit the mould. I’m pretty confident Ed Sheeran’s mum and dad didn’t dismiss his passion for music and thrust a ball under his nose every time he went to lift up the piano lid! Besides which, I will have fewer grass stains to get out of my son’s clothes!!


15 thoughts on “My son isn’t interested in sport….. And that is fine!

  1. Ali Duke says:

    My son was never interested in sport at school, he has always hated football, even watching it. He was happy to play and run around with his friends and even went out on his bike time to time. Now at 17, he goes to the gym quite a lot and he really enjoys it.
    I would never push either of my children to do an activity they really did not want to do.


  2. mindfulmummy says:

    Great message – I have a boy who mostly plays with girls at school and doesn’t always like the stereotypical ‘boys games’. The Ed Sheeran comment made me laugh but is also spot on! #fortheloveofBLOG


  3. flyingsolo7 says:

    Both of my boys aren’t sporty either although now my eldest is fairly passionate about Golf and goes with his grandad and my youngest goes occasionally when he can be bothered, until now like you I tried most things they never lasted long!
    They are 16 & 20 now

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  4. A mum track mind says:

    My son was the same at that age. He has never been interested in any sports, other than swimming (and he doesn’t view this as a sport – he just likes the water!). It’s good to offer lots of different opportunities for kids but I tried everything with Zak and he hated them all. It was a bit of a God send when we discovered Beavers, Cubs and now Scouts because he was able to get involved in outdoor games and pursuits that he really loves such as climbing, camping, caving or kayaking – none of which I would ever have thought of to be honest! Thanks for sharing with us on #fortheloveofBLOG x


  5. Amanda van Mulligen says:

    Ah, this sounds familiar. My eldest son refused to do anything sport/competitive related when he was younger. We tried judo but that was a disaster in the changing room already. He got his swimming diplomas (we’re in the Netherlands and I share your view that it’s a necessity) but it was a bumpy, tantrum filled ride. He refused to even try anything else. He’s now 9 and loves playing football with his brothers & joins in on the school playground but the idea of joining a club to play at is still not on the table – but we go to our local eredivisie club together to watch and support our team – and those are special afternoons! He’s now decided he’d like try archery but the waiting list is long at our local club – just for a try out to see if he wants to pursue it. But we’ll wait – after all we’ve waited this long for him to find his own way. All children will discover their passion I’m sure and pushing them towards something their heart is not in doesn’t make sense. I completely agree with your sentiment πŸ˜ƒ


    • mumswithsons says:

      I’ll never get my head round judo and karate. It always seems to be the first sport we engage our children with 😊. I too did that one! So pleased to hear your son enjoys sport as a leisure activity now.


  6. Jag says:

    Very nice article! Every child is unique. We tried many sports activities for our son also and we found out that he enjoys Tennis and very much interested in arts, he enjoys both the activites and puts his best efforts. IMO, you did the right thing by introducing him to many activities. All the best!



  7. josandelson says:

    So with you on this one. Kick a ball in his direction and he watches it slowly dribble past his feet. He”ll happily play catch with some balled up socks in the living room with us. He’s made his peace with it all and he’s cool with how he is, a creative and smart young guy who plays music has some very good friends and just isn’t into sport. Jo #fortheloveofBLOG

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